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Beautifood is healthy, tasty and responsible cuisine, which allows each person to keep control of their body.

Our mission is to change everyone's state of mind through balanced, varied and delicious cuisine ... while respecting our planet.

Every day, we are aware that our work rhymes with success thanks to each of you: customers, employees, suppliers or even partners.

Because YOU trusted us by agreeing to embark on our “Beautifood” adventure! THANK YOU!

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Our ambition is to continue to offer you our "well-being" cuisine for as long as possible while improving every day. To do this, we are constantly trying to push our limits by putting your comments and expectations at the center of the table.

It was in 2017 that we, Yen Mai Nguyen and Pedro Morais, founded Beautifood.

During our professional journey, we have learned that the control of our mind depends on a balanced diet. We were then enthusiastic to create a bond between you and our healthy and responsible cuisine.

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